(CSP EU FORUM) Brussels: 18-19 April 2013

Day 1 - Thursday 18th April 2013

09:30 [Charlemagne]

Alcide de Gasperi Room (2nd floor) Opening Plenary Session.

Chair: Andrew Cushman, Microsoft.


Welcome by Amardeo Sarma
Chairman of the TDL Executive Board &
General Manager at NEC Europe Ltd.


Keynote: Robert Madelin
Director-General DG Connect


Keynote: Felix ‘FX’ Lindner
Recurity Labs GmbH

10:45 [Charlemagne]


– stands/posters/demos in foyer.

11:15 [Charlemagne]

Alcide de Gasperi Room (2nd floor) - Track 1

Chair: Jon Shamah, E J Consultants


Introductory Presentation: Giuseppe Abbamonte
Head of Unit, DG Connect


Panel discussion with:


Aljosa Pasic, ATOS.
Mika Lauhde, Nokia
Katja Van Hoever, Dutch National Police.
Nils Inge Brurberg, BankID.
Ronny Bjones, Microsoft.
Paul Malone, WIT/TSSG.

12:45 [Charlemagne]


– stands/posters/demos in foyer.

13:45 [Charlemagne]

Alcide de Gasperi Room (2nd floor) - Track 2 - Cloud

Chair: Corinne Sieux, Thales.


Mario Hoffmann, Fraunhofer
"Collaborative Service Fusion in User-centric Environments".


Igor Nai Favino, JRC
"Security and privacy in mobile cloud from a citizen's perpsective".


Markus Tauber, AIT
"Can security requirements of critical Infrastructure IT shape Cloud Computing research?"


Dan Cimpean, Deloitte
"A European view on assurance frameworks for cloud computing".

13:45 [Charlemange]

Lord Jenkins Room (ground floor) - Track 3 - Identity

Chair: Ronny Bjones, Microsoft.

Introduction: "Reimagining identities in the cloud"


Harm Arendshorst, Verizon

"The student benefits project"


Erik van Zuuren, Deloitte

"Context based identity management - a reality and necessity for online and cloud services".


Olivier Delos, SEALED
"Trusted Lists & EU MS supervision model as cornerstones for mutual recognition of trust services".


Jiri Bouchal, IS-Practice SSEDIC.

"Findings of the SSEDIC eID Adoption Survey 2012"


Frank Leyman, Fedict, - STORK 2.


Closing panel moderated by Harm Arendshorst, Verizon.

13:45 [Charlemange]

Sicco Mansholt Room (ground floor) - Track 4 - Big Data and eHealth Security

Chair: Milan Petkovic, Philips 

Introduction to big data security


Volkmar Lotz, SAP
"Scaling Usage Control to the Cloud."


Prof Bill Buchanan, Edinburgh Napier University
"A Scaleable and Trusted e-Health eco-System:"


Tanya Ignatenko, TU/e
"Genomics in Healthcare: Privacy and Security Issues."


Jim Longstaff, Teeside University
"Extending Attribute Based Access Control to facilitate trust in eHealth and other applications."

13:45 [Berlayment]

Whall Room - Track 5 - Smart Cities

Chair: Antonio Skarmeta, University of Murcia, Spain

Prof. Luis Sanchez, University of Cantabria; Spain
"SmartSantander: Service Provision and Experimentation
Relying on the Internet of Things and Citizen Participation."


Jörg Heuer,  Deutsche Telekom T-Labs
"An Approach to Privacy and User Control in a Digitzed World."


Professor Christer Åhlund,Swedish Skellefteå smart city project
"Security issues in Smart City infrastructures."


Per Dinborn, , Quality and Innovation Unit, Skellefteå Municipality (Sweden)
"Digital Government built on Trust."


Rob van Kranenburg, IoP Ltd & Council
"From 'smart city' to 'internet of neighbourhoods’."

15:45 [Charlemange]


- stands/posters/demos in foyer

16:15 [Charlemange]

Alcide de Gasperi Room (2nd floor) - Track 6 - Cloud (continued)

Co-Chairs: Nick Wainright, HP &
Claudio Ardagna, Università degli Studi di Milano.

Accountably for the Cloud


Massimo Felici, HP Labs.
Martin Jaatun, SINTEF.
Eleni Kosta, Tilburg Law School, Tilburg University.


Assurance for the Cloud - presentations


Luca Viganò, University of Verona.
George Spanoudakis, City University of London.
Michele Bezzi, SAP.
Ernesto Damiani, Università degli Studi di Milano.
Aljosa Pasic, ATOS.
Per Håkon Meland, SINTEF ICT.
Erkuden Rios, Tecnalia.


16:15 [Charlemange]

Lord Jenkins Room (ground floor) - Track 7 - eAuthentication

Chair: Harald Zwingelberg, Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz - ULD.

"Privacy-enhancing Attribute-based Credentials for eIDs"


Prof. Kai Rannenberg, Goethe Universität Frankfurt

"The ABC4Trust project and privacy-enhancing Attribute-based Credentials"


Dr. Ioannis Krontiris, Goethe Universität Frankfurt

"The ABC4Trust Architecture – making Privacy-ABCs deployable and interoperable"


Prof. Yannis Stamatiou, Computer Technology Institute & Press

"Anonymous authentication for polls and surveys with Privacy ABCs – The ABC4Trust university pilot"


Mr. Harald Zwingelberg, Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz

"The draft eID Regulation and its impact on privacy-preserving authentication solutions"

16:15 [Charlemagne]

Sicco Mansholt Room (ground floor) - Track 8 - Cyber security

Chair: Katja Van Hoever, Dutch National Police

"Interpol & Project eCODEX"


Martin Smith, The Security Company
"Cyber security and Apollo 13 - Let's look at this from a position of status."

Joris Lambrechts, Deloitte
"The current cyber threat landscape: move from information security to intelligent security."

Esther Makaay, SIDN
"Adoption of DNSSEC in .nl – a success story: Achieving an important milestone in the cybercrime arms race on a national level.)."

Barry van Kampen, Hack in the box

"Hackers, if you can’t beat them, join them."

Emmanuel Miconnet, Thales Group
"Toward a European technology research agenda for the protection of the cyber-space – some comprehensive proposals."

Ulrick Seldeslachts, LSEC.
"European Fire Project"


Hotel Silken, Berlaymont - Drinks Reception / Networking Event.

An opportunity to network and to relax.

Free to conference attendees and participants.