(CSP EU FORUM) Brussels: 18-19 April 2013

Day 2 - Friday 19th April 2013

09:00 [Charlemagne]

Alcide de Gasperi Room (2nd floor) - Track 10 - Opening Plenary Session

Chair: Andrew Cushman, Microsoft


Keynote: Paul Timmers, Director, DG Connect
"EC Security & Societal Challenges."


Simon Hania, Corporate Privacy Officer, TomTom
"Traffic services and privacy, doing it right."


Dr. Jörg Hladjk, Attorney and Counsel, Hunton & Williams
"EU Regulatory Trends in Data Protection and Cyber Security,
what should be on the industry´s agenda."


10:30 [Charlemagne]


– stands/posters/demos in foyer

11:00 [Charlemagne]

Alcide de Gasperi Room (2nd floor) - Track 11 - Mobile

Chair: Mikka Lauhde, Nokia


Chris Edwards, Intercede Ltd.
"Something you have."


Jan-Erik Ekberg, Nokia Research Centre
"Mobile information security with new standards: GlobalPlatform/TCG/Nist-root-of-trust."


Nicolas Prawitz, NXP
"Authenticating over multiple access platforms: the real challenge of online security."


Rick Chandler, Consultant.

"Telecoms perspective"

11:00 [Charlemagne]

Lord Jenkins Room (ground floor) - Track 12 - Regulation and Legal Aspects

Chair: Reinhard Posch, Chief Information Officer des Bundes


Jos Dumortier, KU Leuven
"Legal aspects."


Andrea Servida, European Commission
"EU policy and regulation."


Leo Sun, European HQ Huawei - "Addressing potentials and needs of industry in a global economy."


Simon Davies, London School of Economics
"Privacy aspects."

11:00 [Charlemagne]

Sicco Mansholt Room (ground floor) - Track 13 - Security and Privacy Services in The Horizon.

Chair:  Dr. Sathya Rao, KYOS, Switzerland


Alvaro Armenteros Pacheco, TID, Spain
"DEMONS vision on collaborative cross-domain security: the Interdomain eXchange Point."


Nabil Hachem, Institut Telecom, France
"MPLS-based Mitigation Solution for Handling Suspicious Network Flows via Adaptive Policies."


Prof. Ernesto Damiani, Universita degli Studi di Milano
"Security Assurance in SOA and Cloud: A certification-based approach."


Dr Andrew Hutchison, T-Systems, Germany
"Privacy Implications for Next Generation SIEMs and other Meta-Systems."


Dr. Roland Rieke, Fraunhofer, Germany &  Romain Giot, France Telecom
"Predictive Security Analysis - Concepts, Implementation, first Results in."

11:00 [Berlayment]

Whall Room - Track 14 - Networking and Coordination cluster of CSAs in Trust and Security.

Chair: Jim Clarke, Waterford Institute of Technology (TSSG)


Dr.  Florent Frederix, DG CONNECT, Trust and Security unit (H4)
"The importance of effective Clustering of ICT security Research in Europe."


Fabio Martinelli, IIT-CNR
"Secure Software Services and Systems – NESSoS NoE."


Evangelos Markatos, FORTH

"Systems Security for Europe – SysSec NoE."


Ingrid Verbauwhede, KU Leuven - ECRYPT II NoE


Daan Velthausz, BICORE
"Achieving The Trust Paradigm Shift  - ATTPS SA."


Aljosa Pasic, ATOS
"Certification, InteRnationalisation and standaRdization in cloUd Security - CIRRUS SA."


"Building International Cooperation – BIC  CA."


Javier Vendrell, AMETIC
"Facilitate Industry and Research in Europe - FIRE CA."


Thomas Roessler,W3C
"European Roadmap for Research on Web Security – STREWS CA."


Emmanuel Miconnet, Thales Group,

"European Cyber Security Alliance – CYSPA CA"


Paul Malone, Waterford Institute of Technology (TSSG)
"SECurity and trust COoRDination and enhanced collaboration - SecCord CA."

13:00 [Charlemagne]

Summary of EEMA & TDL presentation and discussion.

Roger Dean, EEMA.

Arthur Leijtens, TDL

13:30 [Charlemagne]


– stands/posters/demos in foyer

14:00 [Charlemagne]

Alcide de Gasperi (2nd floor) - Track 15 - Supporting Security Design and Audit with Model Based Automatic Tools

Chair: Henrik Plate, SAP


Simone Mutti, University of Bergamo


Elicitation, Management and Monitoring of Security Requirements.

Specification and Conflict Analysis of Security Policies for Access Control and Communication Protection

Selection, Optimization and Automated Configuration of Policy Enforcement Mechanisms

Standard-based Configuration Analysis and Assessment


A Workshop approach to demonstrating outputs from academic research. Focussed on the PoSecCo project work to date.

14:00 [Charlemagne]

Lord Jenkins Room (ground floor) - Track 06 - (continued) Assurance for the Cloud – Workshop

Co-Chairs: Ernesto Damiani,  Università degli Studi di Milano. Michele Bezzi (SAP). Claudio Ardagna, Università degli Studi di Milano.


Luca Viganò (University of Verona)


George Spanoudakis (City University of London)


Aljosa Pasic (ATOS)


Per Håkon Meland (SINTEF ICT)


Erkuden Rios (Tecnalia)


Dhoudha Ayed (THALES)


Fabio Martinelli (IIT-CNR)


Jorge Cuellar (Siemens AG)


Marina Egea (ATOS)

14:00 [Charlemagne]

Sicco Mansholt Room (ground floor) - Track 16 - Security and Privacy Services in The Horizon (continuation of Track 13)

Dr. Pedro Casas, FTW
"mPlane: Building an Intelligent Measurement Plane for the Internet."


Mr. Marco Bonola, CNIT
"A software-defined approach for stream-based monitoring application development."


Dr.T.Ignatenko, Eindhoven University of Technology
"Coding for Reliable Biometric Systems with Privacy Protection (CoReB)."


Dr. Harald Zwingelberg, Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz, Germany
"Privacy-Enhancing Attribute-Based Credentials and eIDs: Chances, technical Possibilities and legal Prerequisites. Wolter Pieters,TU Delft and University of Twente
"TREsPASS – the socio-technical attack navigator."


Prof. Dr. Milan Petković, Philips Research Europe
"Trusted Healthcare Services."

16:00 [Charlemagne]

Alcide de Gasperi Room - CSP EU Forum Closing Plenary.

Chair: Dr.  Florent Frederix, DG CONNECT, Trust and Security unit (H4)

Closing session and wrap-up.


Conference close.