(CSP FORUM) ATHENS: 21-22 May 2014

Presentations Day 1

Wednesday 21st May 2014

Track 1 Economics of e-ID - (SecCord)

Presentations Available:

Dr. Gregory Neven (IBM) "Privacy technologies: From research to the real world" [View Presentation]

Joni Brennan (Kantara) "From Market Trends to Research" [View Presentation]

Petros Kavassalis (Univ. of the Aegean/CTI) "STORK 2.0 in motion! Identity as a Service and the emerging Attribute Economics" [View Presentation]

Antonis Stasis (Hellenic Ministry of Administration Reform and E-Governance) "Stork2.0 General Overview & neweIDAS regulation" [View Presentation]

Track 2 Practical Exp Reports & Tools Workshop (Live Demos)

Presentations Available:

Alberto Crespo  (ATOS) and Nicolás Notario (ATOS) "Integrating cross-border and cross-sector interoperability of personal identity and attributes STORK, yourSAM" [View Presentation]

Paolo Giorgini (University of Trento) "Socio-Technical Security Requirements Modeling and Analysis" [View Presentation]

Vasilis Tountopoulos (ATC / Aniketos project) "Ensuring Trustworthiness and Security in Service Compositions" [View Presentation]

Henrik Plate (SAP) "Automatic Security Testing_STIATE" [View Presentation]

Ms Eleni Theodoropoulou  (NEMESYS) "Advances with the FP7 NEMESYS Project on Mobile Network Security" [View Presentation]

Track 3 Cyber Attacks & Defences in critical Infrastructure (CYSPA)

Presentations Available:

Nina Olesen (EOS/CYSPA) "CYSPA Alliance: Increasing the level of protection against cyber threats on a per sector basis" [View Presentation]

Alessandro Pollini (Deep Blue/SECONOMICS project) "Airports as critical transportation  infrastructures increasingly impacted by cyberattacks: a case study" [View Presentation]

Jorge Cuellar (Siemens/CRISALIS project) "Who turned off the lights? Detecting targeted attacks against the power grid" [View Presentation]

Claudio Telmon (Mediaservice/ARCHIMEDES project) "End-user innovation needs in cybersecurity" [View Presentation]