CSP Forum Conferences, Workshops and Cluster Meetings


Cluster Workshop 3 on Security Assessment for Systems, Services, and Infrastructures.
Date: September 15-16th, Berlin , Germany

Cluster Workshop 2 on Risk Assessment and Cyber Insurance Workshop.
Date: April 27th , MCE , Brussels

CSP Forum 2015
Date: April 28-29th , MCE , Brussels, Belgium


Cluster Workshop 3 on Business Industry Challenges for (Cyber)Security.
Date: October 8th, Florence, Italy

Cluster Workshop 2 on Privacy and Innovation in the Internet of Things.
Date: June 17th, London, United Kingdom

CSP Forum 2014
Date: May 21st - 22nd, 2014, Athens, Greece


Cluster Workshop 1 on Cyber Security in FP7 Security and Trust research projects.
Date: December 12th, Brussels, Belgium

CSP Forum 2013
Date: April 18th - 19th, 2013, Brussels, Belgium

Effectsplus Open communications Event
Date: February,7th Brussels, Belgium