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Project Progress:

01 May 2015 - 01 May 2018

OPERANDO Description

The goal of the OPERANDO project is to specify, implement, field-test, validate and exploit an innovative privacy enforcement platform that will enable the Privacy as a Service business paradigm and the market for online privacy services. The OPERANDO project will integrate and extend the state of the art technology and algorithms to create a platform that will be used by the entire ecosystem of online privacy stakeholders: end-users, Privacy Services Providers, Online Services Providers and Regulators. The OPERANDO platform will support flexible and viable business models, including targeting of individual market segments such as public administration, social networks and Internet of Things. The OPERANDO platform will be positioned for endorsement by European governments and standardization bodies. OPERANDO innovates in being the first truly open online privacy platform that allows application developers to develop and operate their own privacy services while creating federated business partnerships A key aspect addressed by OPERANDO is the need to simplify privacy for end users. OPERANDO will also address online services providers for simplified privacy compliance checking and auditing, to verify that they will meet user expectations or to satisfy privacy regulators. The technology will be trialled in the health care and public administration sectors. Planned to be released as an open source project, OPERANDO will therefore be an open, evolving, standards- and legislation-compliant platform that will fit into European Privacy-by-Design frameworks, and will be able to adapt to the developments of privacy legislation, the evolving user privacy needs and requirements, and the emerging privacy-affecting trends. For RomSoft this project is a continuation of the excellent results in previous EU-funded R&D projects and reflects our strategic commitment to seek and create opportunities for developing innovative products and services.