Date of Event - 12 Dec 2013

CSP Forum Clustering Workshop: CyberSecurity in FP7 Security & Trust Research Projects

Co-organised with CYSPA

Workshop Date: 12th December 2013 (afternoon workshop approx 13.30 to 17.30 Following NIS Platform WG3 workshop)

Workshop Location: Thon Hotel City Centre Brussels, Belgium



12.30 – 13.30 Buffet sandwich/ tea /coffee available for CSP Forum attendees on arrival

13.30 – 14.00 Short introduction 

CSP Forum ( Michele Bezzi)

CYSPA ( Nina Olesen) - view presenation here

Networking and Coordination Cluster Update ( Paul Malone)

14.00 – 15.00 Call 10: New Project presentations (8-10 mins each)

[Note:  Please focus on the main (desired) outcomes and possible contribution to the EU cybersecurity policies]

PRIPARE  - Antonio Kung - view presenation here

Ipacso - Zeta Dooly - view presenation here

Coco-Cloud - Claudio Caimi

Capital - Mari Kert - view presenation here

SECURED - Roberto Sassu - view presenation here

15.00 – 15.30   Open Discussion on Analysis

[ Note:  in this slot we will build together a map of current project activities along three dimensions: cybersecurity objective (as extracted from NIS directive), target sector/s, technology readiness.]

Project participating listed below

CYSPA - Nina Olesen

Intertrust - Oriol Farras , Khalifa Toumi

Aniketos - Zeta Dooly , Kazim Hussain

Ipacso - Zeta Dooly

Spacious - Jorge Cuellar

Websand - Jorge Cuellar

FIRE - Ulrich Seldeslachts

ACDC - Ulrich Seldeslachts

A4cloud - Nick Wainwright

BIC - Jim Clarke

Hint - Carsten Rust

PRIPARE - Antonio Kung

CUMULUS - Ernesto Damiani

ASSERT - Michele Bezzi

CIRRUS - Aljosa Pasic

TRESPASS - Barbara Kordy

TRESCCA - Bernhard Katzmarski

Coco-cloud - Claudio Caimi

Capital - Mari Kert

STANCE - Armand Puccetti

SECURED - Roberto Sassu

15.30 – 15.45   Coffee / Tea break

15.45 – 17.15    Open Discussion on Analysis Continued.

[Note:  in this slot we will build together a map of current project activities along three dimensions: cybersecurity objective (as extracted from NIS directive), target sector/s, technology readiness.]

Projects Participating as detailed above

17.15 – 17.30 Next actions /conclusions (Michele Bezzi) 


 ***Guidelines For Presenters***

14.00 – 15.00 Call 10: New Project presentations (8-10 mins each) in this slot, we would like to give the opportunity to recently started projects to introduce themselves. I remind the presenters that the objective of this meeting is two-fold: position single project in the big picture of Security & Trust EU activities (including the policy aspect) and foster possible collaboration between project. Accordingly, I would invite the presenters to prepare short presentation, where they highlight the contribution to the EU cyber security strategy and policies   and list possible topics of collaboration with others. Please consider that we are still receiving requests from new projects, so some flexibility in terms of timing could be asked. 

15.00 – 17.00   Open Discussion on Analysis: In this slot, we would like to extract a “big picture” of project activities, positioning current projects to along three dimensions:  Cyber security objective (as extracted from EU cybersecurity strategy, and NIS directive), target sector/s, technology readiness.

Basically it starts as a “classification” exercise, and we will expand that provide more concrete examples of project activity for the different category. The current version of the slides, that summarize this exercise are in attachment. Please note that, as for all classifications, the categories chosen are far from perfect, but I tried to follow to major criteria: simplicity (limited number of dimensions, labels) and usage of keywords extracted from EU cybersecurity strategy document (for the cybersecurity labels).

*NOTE: Supporting presentation for participants can be accessed HERE *

Some questions to consider in your preparation for the meeting

How the project can contribute to a new policy?

What was/is the outcome of the project?

Is there is a result product from your project that can be seen 'working'?

What problems were encountered during the running of the project, is there a better way of doing it (ie: new policy focus?).



CALL FOR PARTICIPATION..Deadline Friday 29th November

As part of its activities within Security and Trust Coordination and Enhanced Collaboration, the CSP Forum (coordinated by SecCord project ) is organizing its first cluster meeting, on the 12th December 2013 (afternoon1/2 day workshop approx 13.30 to 17.30) in  Thon Hotel City Centre Brussels, Brussels (following the NIS Platform plenary 11th Dec and NIS Platform WG3 1/2 day session 9.00am to 12.00 12th Dec, also taking place at the Thon Hotel City Centre Brussels, Belgium).


This event is co-organized with CYSPA coordination action ( ) as part of its activity on cybersecurity technology and solutions observatory.

As discussed with many of you during the Clustering Open communications day back in February, a good number of projects are addressing cybersecurity related technologies and solutions, possibly from different angles (architectural, components, model, policy). Accordingly, CSP Forum’s 1st clustering meeting will be focused on analyzing how current and expected results from research projects can contribute to cybersecurity, as well as to extract a single picture of contribution to cyber-security in EU funded research projects.


This event will also host the next face to face meeting of the NoE and CSA cluster established at CSP Forum Conference 2013.

This Afternoon workshop will be composed of three main parts:

 * Projects are invited to share their main results which can contribute to cybersecurity and trust building.For this section, we will ask to the participants a short summary from each project.

 * Open discussion on analysis. The aim of this part is starting from projects results of different projects, to derive a map of technologies, identifying current and future strengths and gaps.

  * Face to Face meeting of the CSA and NoE cluster established at  CSP Forum in April. Separate communications will be distributed to those participants in addition to this list.


All EU funded security projects, including recently started ones, are invited to contribute.

Please state your intention to participate  by DEADLINE FRIDAY 29TH NOVEMBER


Please contact CSP Forum cluster leader 

Michele Bezzi ( ) or

CSP Forum/SecCord Project Coordinator 

Frances Cleary (


We will provide additional information, and supporting agenda in the coming weeks. As usual for cluster meetings, feel free to provide feedbacks and suggestions.

NOTE:  Registration to the workshop is FREEREGISTER:

Registration Deadline 4th December


CSP Forum Clustering Workshop CyberSecurity in FP7 Security & Trust Research projects Flyer

CSP Forum website:

The CSP Forum clustering activities is funded via the FP7 EU SecCord ( CSA project.