Member States Security Initiatives


National Cyber Security Strategy

Аn interdepartmental working group on cyberdefence has been established. The group should propose members, prerogatives, mission, functions and tasks of the National body on cybersecurity and should prepare a project for a Desicion of the Councils of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of the Defence Avgustina Tsvetkova. Thus, one of the main problems of the development of the national strategy on cybersecurity will be solved. This authority will coordinate and consolidate the efforts of the Bulgarian departments and organizations. The strategy will cover the public networks and the networks for clasified information and will correspond to the NATO/EU policy in this sphere.


Initiatives/Bodies with Security Interest/Focus

• Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (MTITC)
• Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) / Комисия за регулиране на съобщенията (КРС)
• Ministry of the Interior / Министерство на вътрешните работи
• Chief Directorate for Combating Organised Crime (CDCOC)
• Ministry of Defence
• State Commission on Information Security (DKSI)
• State Agency for National Security

• National Laboratory of Computer Virology
• Institute for Parallel Processing / Институт по паралелна обработка на информацията
• Sofia University ―St. Kliment Ohridski, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI)
• Technical University of Sofia
• Technical University of Varna
• Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

• Applied Research and Communications Fund
• Public Council on Safer Internet Use in Bulgaria
• Information Systems Audit and Control Association – Sofia Chapter (ISACA Sofia Chapter)
• Bulgarian National Consumers Association
• The International Cyber Investigation Training Academy
• Bulgarian Modeling and Simulation Association - BULSIM

Sample Nationally Funded Projects

Main national funding body: Bulgarian National Science Fund : ( BNSF)

Example of security funded project (start Feb 2013)
"Counteraction to Crimes Related to Motor Vehicle Trafficking" (Tracing Vehicle Trafficking) under the thematic fund "Security" of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme.
List of projects:

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