Member States Security Initiatives

Czech Republic

National Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber Security Strategy of Czech Republic for the 2015-2020

Cyber Security Strategy of Czech Republic for the 2011-2015 Period (2011)

Cyber Security Strategy of the Czech Republic for the 2011 – 2015 Period (July 2011)
Action Plan for Cyber Security Strategy of the Czech Republic for years 2011-2015 (2011) (in Czech)
Information on National Security Agency which was established on 19 October 2011 as national authority for cyber security


Cyber Security Glossary

ENISA Report :

Initiatives/Bodies with Security Interest/Focus

Czech National Cyber Security Center

Czech AFCEA Working Group - Cyber security

National Security Authority of the Czech republic

• Cyber and Informational Security Department within the Ministry of the Interior
• Ministry of Trade and Industry
• Government Council for Information Society
• National Security Council
• Civil Emergency Planning Committee
• Office for Personal Data Protection
• National Security Authority
• Czech Security Information Service (BIS)
• Czech Telecommunication Office
• Consumers Defence Association of the Czech Republic (SOS)
• ISACA Czech Republic Chapter (ISACA CRC)
• Czech Society for Quality
• OWASP Czech Republic Local Chapter
• CZESICON (CZEch Safer Internet Combined Node)
• Data Security Management Magazine
• Security World Magazine
• CIO Business World
• Computerworld

Sample Nationally Funded Projects

Envisec - Environmental security assessment in the Czech Republic

The four-year project “Integrated assessment of global change impacts on environmental security of the Czech Republic” (EnviSec) funded by Czech Ministry of the Interior aims at developing integrated approaches to the assessment of global change impact on the environmental security in the Czech Republic.

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