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National Cyber Security Strategy Click here

2012-2013 (Law 133/2012, DPCM 24 March 2013) - contribute to defining organization and strategy for national cyber security.
The Decree sets forth the new government architecture that is entrusted with the task of facing potential cyber security threats in Italy.
Decree on National Cyber Security (2013) Original | English

Italian Cyber Security Report 2013



Initiatives/Bodies with Security Interest/Focus

SERIT (Security Research in Italy) is a joint initiative launched by CNR and Finmeccanica, brings together Italian industries (both large industries and SMEs), academia, research centers and end-users, in order to promote and develop a National Research Agenda to drive the future technological developments, while answering to the identified National Security needs.
List of research projects can be viewed via the following link :

2012 - 2013Agenda Digitale Italiana - ADI)
E-government 2012 Information Security Plan: stabilization and strengthening of theCERT of the Connectivity Public System

The Global Cyber Security Center (GCSEC) is a newly established not-for-profit organization created to advance cyber security in Italy, the region, and around the world.

Sample Nationally Funded Projects

DNS Security & Stability
The Measuring Naming System (MeNSa) project [to identify and propose a modular framework of metrics and KPI's to support the design, engineering and policy making of the DNS infrastructure, ensuring transparency with respect to DNS research community in inspecting the measurement data, challenging any results, and build further analyse]

Online Fraud Cyber Centre and Experts Network (OF2CEN)
[OF2CEN has the objective to fight e-crime through a strong cooperative network of actors involved in the detection and management of specific electronic crimes, including on-line frauds.]

SAWSOC Situation Aware Security Operations Center

CockpitCI Cybersecurity on SCADA: risk prediction, analysis and reaction tools for Critical Infrastructures

SESAMO Security and Safety Modeling

BESECURE The project Best practice Enhancers for Security in Urban Regions (BESECURE) will work towards a better understanding of urban security through examination of different European urban areas.

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