Member States Security Initiatives


National Cyber Security Strategy (where it exists, plans where it does not)

Plan of action for cyber security strategy was developed but not yet deployed.
Lithuania is actively participating in the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCD COE)

Lithuania: Lithuania aims to determine the objectives and tasks for the development of electronic information in order to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of electronic information and services provided in cyberspace; safeguarding of electronic communication networks, information systems and critical information infrastructure against incidents and cyber-attacks; protection of personal data and privacy. The strategy also defines the tasks, which when implemented would allow total security of cyberspace and entities operating in it.


ENISA Country Report: Programme for the development of electronic information security (cyber security) for 2011-2019 (2011)

Initiatives/Bodies with Security Interest/Focus

Research council of Lithuania: Activity report 2012 .

Social challenges to national security projects listed above, majority societal focus not ICT security focus.
The following is a list of nationally funded Energy security related projects ongoing via the Lithuanian Energy Institute. This is further broken into
• Security of energy supply
• Security of energy infrastructures

• Lithuanian Energy Institute
• Energy security research centre
• NATO energy security centre of excellence
• Infobalt Lithuania
• Ministry of Interior, Information Policy Department (MoI)
• Ministry of Defence (MoD)
• State Data Protection Inspectorate

Sample Nationally Funded Projects

Sample projects funded by Lithuanian energy institute

NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence, State funded research project Development of methodologies of Security and Reliability Assessment of Energy Supply to Lithuania (2006-2008; 2009-2011).

Research Council of Lithuania funded National research programme Future Energy project Development of Methodology for Energy Security Analysis and Integrated Security Level Assessment (2010 – 2011).

Research Council of Lithuania funded National research programme Future Energy project Investigation of Lithuanian energy security and energy security level assessment (2012-2014).

Lithuania is also a member of STORK. (Secure idenTity acrOss borders linked).

PPP example ( between internet users, SME’s and Lithuanian governmental

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