Member States Security Initiatives


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Cyber Security Strategy in Romania (2011)
Romanian Ministry of National Defence Publications


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Initiatives/Bodies with Security Interest/Focus

• Ministry of Communications and Information Society (MCSI)
• National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM)
• National Centre for Management of Information Society (CNMSI)
• National Centre "Digital Romania" (CNRD)
• National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing / Autoritatea Naţională de Supraveghere a Prelucrării Datelor cu Caracter Personal (ANSPDCP)
• ORNISS (The National Registry Office for Classified Information)
• IT&C Commission – Chamber of Deputies
• Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Administration Reform (MIRA)
• Special Telecommunications Service (STS)
• Ministry of Defence
• Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI)
• Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE)
• Service for Combating Cybercrime under the Romanian Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism of the Prosecutor‘s Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (DIICOT)

• Military Technical Academy
• National Communications Research Institute / Institutul Naţional de Studii şi Cercetări pentru Comunicaţii (INSCC)
• National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (ICI)
• Information Systems Audit and Control Association – Romanian Chapter (ISACA)
• Foundation for promoting Information and Communication Technology (FICT)
• Romanian Association of Telecommunications' Engineers
• Association for Consumers‘ Protection / Asociatia pentru Protectia Consumatorilor din Romania (APC)

Sample Nationally Funded Projects

During initial searches online , it has proved difficult to find nationally funded security research projects. Further enquiries to the NCP will be initiated during 2014.

The following funding body exists in Romania
Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education and Academic Research (UEFISCDI)

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