CSP Forum Workshop at IOT WEEK: 17th June 2014

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As the internet of things expands with more end user devices, tablets, smartphones, and IOT services, organizations need to consider the privacy and security risks associated, as well as the technology needed to mitigate such risks, such as access control, data protection, resilience to attacks, to name but some. This session, combining short presentations and a panel, will introduce research results from current ongoing EU privacy focused projects in the IOT domain, as well as discuss how privacy and data protection can co-evolve with IOT applications. 

Novel methods and technologies to enhance the control and the security of personal data in in mobile devices and sensor networks developed within the abc4trust ( and Cococloud ( research projects will be presented. The EU funded project IPACSO will provides an insight of an innovative model framework for privacy and cybersecurity innovators, detailing its relevance to the IOT area. Along with the above focus this session plans to involve privacy focused national UK projects/initiatives (e.g., UK Catapult centre discussing personal data protection) to complete an analysis across the research activities in these domains at a national and EU level.


Privacy in mobile and sensor networks. 
Innovation and Personal Data (Maurizio Pilu, UK Catapult centre) 
IPACSO: Towards developing an innovation framework for ICT innovators in the Privacy and Cyber Security Markets. (Jamie Power, WIT, IPACSO Project) 
Privacy for mobile devices / ( ABC4trust , Jonas Lindstrom Jensen , Alexandra Institute, Denmark)
Enhancing data control: from cloud to mobile and back. (CocoCloud, L. Gomez, SAP)