FP7 T&S Projects Handbook ( SECCORD EDITING on behalf EC)

SECCORD is editing a “FP7 T&S Projects Handbook” on behalf of the EC - Trust and Security Unit.


The aim of this publication is to present a synthesis of the innovative impacts of the FP7 project results and their potential market implementations.

All FP7 projects will be involved in providing interesting materials to contribute to this special edition. 


A section called “Success Stories” will target those projects who have been particularly successful in shortening the gap from research to innovation. 


Here a “Success Stories” example from our D3.2 submitted last year.


“FP7 T&S Projects Handbook” will be produced on the basis of the SECCORD Yearbook 2013 (D3.2)


This “FP7 T&S Projects Handbook” will be presented at CSP EU Forum/EU Infoday in Brussels in April 2015