Seminar on Road Mapping Cybersecurity Research and Innovation (NIS WG3/CAPITAL/CSP FORUM)


Seminar on Road Mapping Cybersecurity Research and Innovation

Date : October 8 , Florence, Italy

Venue : Grand Hotel Baglioni in Florence , Italy.


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN CLOSED (Event is Free to attend )

FULL Agenda Link :

For logistics reasons the deadline for registration is October 1st 2014.

On behalf of European Commission NIS WG3, CAPITAL and CSP Forum we are glad to invite you to ourco-located meeting on 8th October entitled "Seminar on Road Mapping Cybersecurity Research and Innovation" organised by NIS WG3/CAPITAL/CSP FORUM.

This one day event will focus on Cybersecurity Business industry challenges, Emerging areas of Information Technology and the various topics tackled by the Network and Information Security Platform (NIS P) Working Group 3 on Secure ICT Research and Innovation including the design of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for cybersecurity.



8.30 - 9.00 Registration and coffee

9.00 - 10.00 Keynotes on emerging areas of information technology

Opening : Afonso Ferreira - European Commission

Keynote : Aljosa Pasic  - Business Development Director in Atos Research & innovation

Keynote: Alessandro Armando -  Head Of Unit , FBK.


10.00 - 13.00  ( Parallel Track 1 & track 2 )


Track 1 : Business Industry Challenges for (Cyber)Security ( CSP Forum)

Introduction: Luca Compagne (SAP, CSP Forum Cluster Leader)

Industrial Session [Detailed Speaker abstracts can be viewed HERE ]

Industrial Speaker 1
Title: Industrial Challenges of Secure Software Development 

Speaker: Achim Brucker, SAP SE

Industrial Speaker 2

Title: Industrial challenges toward Cyber-Security Trends and Risks

Speaker: Domenico Raguseo, IBM, Europe Security Systems Technical Sales and Solutions Manager

Industrial Speaker 3

Title: The Italian “Cyber Security District” and industrial challenges for malicious apps detection

Speaker: Giantonio Chiarelli, Rocco Mammoliti, Andrea Volponi, Cyber Security Analyst at Poste Italiane’s CERT

Research Session [Detailed Speaker abstracts can be viewed HERE ]

Research Speaker 1

Title: Developer-Centered Security Engineering Tools

Speaker:Sven Türpe, Fraunhofer SIT (EC SPRIDE, German national project)

Research Speaker 2

Title: Efficient Vulnerability Management: Measuring Vulnerabilities and Exploits for Better Security Strategies

Speaker: Fabio Massacci, Luca Allodi,U. of Trento (TENACE-Italian national project, EU SECONOMICS)

Research Speaker 3

Title:The attack navigator - finding and defending against socio-technical attacks

Speaker: Kai Rannenberg, Goethe University Frakfurt (TREsPASS, EU project)

Research Speaker 4

Title: Behavioural Malware detection with Quantitative Data-Flow Graphs

Speaker: Alexander Pretschner, Martin Ochoa, Technische Universität München (DFG SPP “Reliably Secure Software Systems”, German national project)

Panel with Open Floor discussion 

Moderator: Luigi Rebuffi (EOS)

Panelists: all speakers


Track 2 : CAPITAL Emerging areas of information technology 

 Introduction to the project (Mari / 10 minutes)

 Session Moderator: Michael Sieber , EDA 

 Panel 1:

 Presentation 1: Introducing the emerging areas of information technologies and reference models  (Bruno Crispo – University of Trento/ 15 minutes)

 Presentation 2Reference models (Bruno Crispo – University of Trento / 15 minutes)

 Presentation 3: IoT/Cloud/Big data analytics nexus (Jonathan Cave, University of Warwick/15 minutes)

 Questions and answers 25 minutes

 Coffee break: 20 minutes

 Panel 2:

 Presentation 1Threats (Riccardo Zanetti, Engineering/15 minutes)

                          Solutions (Mari Kert)

 Presentation 2: Gaps – Collaboration Tool (Aljosa Pasic, Atos/15 minutes)

 Presentation 3: Bernhard Hämmeli CEO Acris GmbH and University of Zurick (15 minutes)

 Q&A 25 minutes

 Presentation 4: Next steps – Market study (Anastasia Yagafarova, Ecorys– 10 minutes)


13.00 to 14.00   - LUNCH


14.00 -18.00

Track 3: European Commission Network and Information Security Platform (NIS P) Working Group 3 on Secure ICT Research and Innovation working meeting

Introduction (Fabio Martinelli, Raul Riesco Granadino)

Keynote CAPITAL (Mari Kert):Outcomes of the CAPITAL Session and recommendations for the NIS Platform

Keynote CSP Forum (Luca Compagna):Business Industry Cybersecurity challenges , and how research is addressing. 

Keynote Afonso Ferreira, EC : WG3's work within the EU CyberSecurity Strategy


  1. Secure ICT landscape (20 mins) (Evangelos Markatos)

  2. Business cases and innovation paths (Paul Kearney, Zeta Dooly)

  3. Education and training for cybersecurity (Claire Vishik)

  4. Strategic research agenda (SRA) (Pascal Bisson)

Description of the main areas of interest:

Individuals’ Digital Rights and Capabilities (Individual layer) (Kai Rannenberg ) Resilient Digital Civilisation (Collective layer) (Jim Clarke, Nick Wainwright)

Trustworthy (Hyperconnected) Infrastructures (Infrastructure layer) (Steffen Wendzel)

Cross analysis among the areas of interest (Volkmar Lotz) Interactive session - decision making over major observations Q&A

Finish 18.00